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It's Valentine's Day at the Baxter Building! So why does that spell trouble for She-Hulk?


Alex Powers can't believe what he is hearing. He wonders aloud how the Future Foundation, a bunch of rich brats, can determine on their own who lives and who dies in the world. Ant-Man posits that Doom deserves death. Alex then questions Ant-Man's motives by bringing up the death of Ant-Man's daughter. Ant-Man bellows at Alex to get out of the room.

The Moloids approach She-Hulk as she prepares for a dinner with an old friend. They ask if she ("the Jen") is going on a date and she responds that she is not quite sure. This does not sit well with the Moloids, as they are in love with her. They seek out Bentley 23 to get a scheme going to ruin the date. He is more than happy to oblige.

Elsewhere, the presumed Johnny Storm is showing how well he knows the Baxter Building. At one machine, he makes a total fool of himself by trying to make a fool out of an odd machine that was too brainy for him to understand. Ant-Man is pleased with the display and confirms to Medusa that this Johnny Storm is the real Johnny Storm. She blurts this out to Johnny and he gets really defensive. Darla steps in to try and mediate and asks if Johnny remembers her. He spouts off that there were a lot of girls and flies away in a fit. Medusa admits in confidence that she didn't doubt Johnny's authenticity, she just wanted to see his reaction to her confrontation.

At dinner, She-Hulk meets up with Wyatt Wingfoot. In the back, Bentley 23 and the Moloids have captured the manager of the restaurant and hypnotized him. For "plausible deniability," the Moloids tell him to do something unimaginable to his patrons. He marches out and comps everyone's meal and offers a free bottle of wine for every table. She-Hulk and Wyatt drink up.

On a walk, She-Hulk and Wyatt make awkward small talk. They stop on a bridge spanning the frozen waters of the New Amsterdam River. Below, Bentley 23 summons from the deep a monster he learned about from his father's notes. The monster emerges as a huge beast but is easily overcome by the frozen ice. The glow from the monster illuminates the ice and Wyatt invites She-Hulk out for a fluorescent round of ice skating.

In a bar, the two admit that they have never been happy in a relationship without the other. In a back room, Bentley 23 brings out a cube meant for heating up frozen planets. (He found it just sitting on a shelf.) He intends to burn the bar down to keep She-Hulk and Wyatt from kissing. The bar heats up, but not as Bentley 23 intends. The room heats up, but that just inspires the two to dance. She-Hulk stops Wyatt from kissing her.

Outside, Wyatt and She-Hulk are incredibly awkward as they further agree that the other person is their One Who Got Away. Atop a building, Bentley 23 throws down the heating cube and the sky is bedazzled with pink energy. This light, combined with the light snowfall, acts as the perfect backdrop for the two to kiss. They do.

In Bentley 23's room, he sulks on his bed. Someone asks how it all went and he complains that every move he made was incorrect and that he'll never be a great super villain. Medusa steps from the shadows and encourages him to keep trying, as she wants him to reach his full potential.

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