caladbolglight's FF #2 - The Big Goodbye review

Vil, stop stabbing Wu's hand, please.

The Good

This book is outrageously funny. And pretty damn good. It'e enjoyable, mature, and all the characters are captured flawlessly. Initially, I was really hazy about the art but it fits so incredibly well. You actually start to really appreciate the bright colours and bubbly splashes.

The characterization to me is what really stands out here. Every character's history is referenced and while many are probably still wondering what led Fraction to choose this FF, they grow on you. Darla Deerling is a cool character, mainly because she's new: new to comics and new to being a superhero. She's the Human Torch's girlfriend it seems but really she is just some regular girl who is used to being far away from all the battles, not in them. She doesn't know how to use the Thing suit, she probably doesn't even know what a Moloid is. And yet she is an incredibly likeable character. There is this scene where she's playing with the savant Leech and Artie Maddicks and you just can't help but like her. Here she is, with these two autistic kids playing with her, both hardly human looking and she's just hanging out, laughing at the whole thing, and playing right along with them. She-Hulk is She-Hulk, a single female lawyer who is so used to the craziness that stuff like Mole Man coming out of the sewers doesn't faze her at all anymore. Ant-Man is another good choice, who isn't coping well with his daugter Cassie (Avengers: The Children's Crusade). He needs direction and support. Medusa is another amusing choice, as as an Inhuman, she hasn't been a super hero for many many years. In fact, up until recently, she was an intergalactic queen mourning the death of her husband. She's not used to dressing herself and having to look after kids.

The Bad

Nothing at all. The end was a bit weird but I'm keeping my mind open.

Oh and Ms. Thing? I'd suggest that she just stick with being a regular human. More interesting.

The Verdict

Get it. You don't need to know anything about the FF because it's simply a really well-thought out enjoyable read. Excellent comic.

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