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All hope lies in Doom! But at what price has young Valeria Richards struck a bargain with her father’s oldest friend and greatest enemy? And how will the rest of the Future Foundation react to the revelation of their newest member?

Valeria Richards, Reed Richards and Nathaniel Richards are presenting the newest member of the Future Foundation, Victor Doom, to the rest of the family. Ben Grimm thinks its a trap and tries to attack Doom. Doom goads him by insisting Ben stood by while Johnny Storm died. The Thing is about to pound Doom but is stopped by Susan Richard. Ben storms off with Dragon Man and Susan Richard soon follows after telling Reed it's a bad idea to keep Doom in their home.

Reed takes Doom into the Room, a high tech classroom for the Future Foundation kids. He poses the problem that Victor is now dumber then his former self. After some brief discussion the theory is that Victor's brain has been tampered with and certain memories and knowledge have be removed. The group comes to the decision that to fix Victor's brain they need a back-up of Doom's brain, and one exists in Latveria in the head of Kristoff.

Meanwhile at Muk's Bar Ben Grimm, Sue Richards and the Dragon Man share a few beers and decided that maybe the less smart members of the Future Foundation need to take some time and figure out where they belong in the foundation.

Later in Latveria, Reed, Nathaniel, Valeria, Spider-man and Doom arrive to warm welcome from Kristoff who agrees to give Doom back his memories and arcane knowledge. While the machine is transferring knowledge, Reed is tempted to push a Purge button instead of the transfer button but decides against it.

After a large explosion Doom rises and shows that his is now as smart as he once was and now possess arcane powers once more. He then informs Kristoff to remain leader of Latveria while he keeps his promise to Valeria Richards, to defeat Reed Richards.

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