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While this is another setup, "rally the troops" issue, it certainly is not boring. It is full of interesting twists and turns - and one shocking reveal that left me speechless.

One thing about this issue, as compared the last few, is the increased amount of time spent with "the children" at the Baxter building. In retrospect, I understand the need for their class project, it just seemed too coincidental - I guess maybe it was just foreshadowing.

Even more foreshadowing for the impending battle is provided when we see the plans laid out from "The Other Side of Zero" - something we haven't seen in a while, Annihilus and his desire to control the portal to the Negative Zone.

We get an all-star cast of characters as the FF and their allies plan their attack plan against Ronan and the Kree, and just as they mount up to head to Attilan, it appears the battle has come to them!

All of this foreshadowing is surely leading up to a massive climax and return of the flagship series, Fantastic Four!

#600 here we come!

What will come of the FF series? What are all the kids going to do in the midst of this epic battle? Will their parent's survive? I am expecting all this and more from the next issue! And hey, if the series is orphaned, it surely will have a home with all the other kids in the Future Foundation. ;)


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