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"You Have Been Judged"

We've arrived at the last bit of calm before the storm. Next month we get 100 pages of F4 and another issue of FF and I have a feeling a lot of things are going to be different.

Boy, everyone, remember the Inhuman digression a few months ago? Remember how everyone said it didn't matter and that it wasn't going to make sense? Well, less than a year later, everything important about them is now vitally important now. The Supreme Intelligence's failure to destroy Earth and the home planets of the Universal Inhumans, the Supremor Seed, and Ronan's undying loyalty. It's all coming to a (giant green) head now.

I've gotta admit, I haven't loved how apologetic and broken Reed seems to be following Johnny's death. I'm not used to seeing Reed Richards lack confidence and initiative. It's weird to see him so passive while his daughter appears to be moving her plan to kill Annihilus forward. Three of the four surviving Reeds are on trial in this book. Our Reed holds himself accountable for his actions and apologizes, earning the help and respect of the rest of the superhero community. The other two, Specs and Circle, they take a more ambivalent, haughty, you have neither dominion over us nor do our actions matter approach and, well, they pay the price.

Speaking of that moment, how about that art by Barry Kitson? That was absolutely chilling to see and definitely a little gross. I love his work on FF and it's a shame we'll be losing him next issue. His expressions are spot on and his colorist, Paul Mounts, does excellent work. I think they pop in a way that compliments the art tremendously.

I don't know how long they've been planning the 100-page return to Fantastic Four, but I'm sure that has a lot to do with FF being such a slow burn. I guarantee that we'll be seeing all kinds of action in F4 600 and maybe even the return of an old character. FF has been a fantastic book and I think Hickman was the best thing to happen to the First Family in a long time. I know we're getting at least one more issue of FF, but if that's it, I've been enjoying this book tremendously and you should all pick it up in trade

Posted by djotaku

Serious lack of Doom in this issue!

Posted by Kairan1979
Posted by ElCapitan

@Kairan1979: That happened in X-23. Different authors.

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