djotaku's FF #1 - The Club review

A great start to a new book

So I read issue #3 first and I was VERY confused.  (It was the oldest issue my local comic shop had) Reading issue #1 now, I can see the setup a lot better, although there's still a lot that needs to be explained.  The parts with Ben were pretty heavy on the emotion in a great way.  The team is doing their best to deal with Johnny's death.   
The writing is top notch.  I LOVE the artwork in this series.  The ONLY complaint I have is that the art is a little hard to follow in the fights.  I found that true in issue #4 and I find it true in this issue.  So far it's the only criticism I have of this series.  Definitely pick it up while you can and be a part of this new book from the beginning.

Posted by Decept-O

While I've not checked this out yet, it is good to read an honest review that again, at least delves into what you as a reader liked and didn't like.  Nice job, concise and you didn't spoil anything in terms of the story.  Even a little bit of info would've been cool, but overall, great job. 

Posted by djotaku

Sorry about that.  It's certainly a tough call how much constitutes a spoiler.  Sometimes I write more and sometimes I write less.  In fairness, if I'd reviewed this book when it first came out, I'd have had no idea what was truly going on anyway.

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