gold_dust_boi's FF #1 - The Club review

Future Fantastic!

What can I even say? It was amazing! Truly Amazing! And if you go and read any of my other reviews you'll know I don't give that kind of praise out too easily.  I was honestly expecting it to be just Fantastic Four in new costumes.  But it was so much more!  First of all lets deal with the obvioous, Spider-man.  I knew he was coming to the team and I was fine with it but to make it Johnny's last request was so touching I almost cried (which I almost did several time in this and the final Fantastic Four issue, also something that doesnt come too easily).  I love that the kids are a major part of the team and the general thought process, and I don't just mean Franklin and Valeria.  I mean all of them! Franklin, Valeria, Alex, Artie, Leech...they're all there and they all have something to add to the mix.  Now my non-comic reading room mate is very into this whole storyline and he made a call months ago and said "Dr. Doom is so joining" to which i replied he was crazy...  Well color me shocked when he splashed his chrome plated butt all over that last page!  Not so sure I'm feeling the new costumes but I am notoriously stubborn and resistant to change so there's a good chance they'll grow on me...probably just in time for Johnny to come back and bring the old uniforms with him :)


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