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Future Foundation #1, Building a New FF

With the death of the Human Torch, the Fantastic Four are four no more! However, though the death of the Torch is held greatly by Johnny Storm's old teammates, a brand new era is about to begin. While Torch can never be replaced by any superhero in the community, that doesn't mean the Fantastic Four won't continue to fight the good fight. The death of the Torch led to the disbanding of the Fantastic Four, but it's replacement is something even greater! The Future Foundation is building a brand new foundation for fighting villains all over the world and also the universe. This team is more than likely equipped to take care of the mission at hand - building a better tomorrow!  

The Good

Honestly, I thought after the death of the Torch, the Fantastic Four would become the Fantastic Three. While that does seem weird, I bet that could work out. However, with so many people in the Baxter Building and so many family members and friends acting as "reserve" members of the Fantastic Four, it seems to me that the team hasn't been the F4 for a long time. However, that could be put in better words. Having the teaser shown by Marvel Comics of a new team after the Fantastic Four really shocked me. While Johnny can't be replaced as one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four, the teams goals are even more important and life threatening. With a team of 19 members on the Future Foundation, I think Hickman did a great choice at lining up the teams roster. Jonathan Hickman's writing for this first issue of Future Foundation is really incredible. Hickman has the teams emotions judging each and everyone's outlook on the future of being a team and a family. For example, with the death of Johnny, Ben blames himself for not protecting one of his best friends. So this could really effect how he portrays Spider-Man on the team. As we all know, the humor of Spider-Man and Johnny Storm have been at the same level. I don't think Ben likes the ideal of Spider-Man making jokes on the battlefield. 
Jonathan Hickman really does an awesome job on this first issue. The reason on why the team is wearing different costumes is explained and also why certain members are on the team. I think this is very important on having a successful series. Hickman really does a good job at explaining different elements for those who haven't been reading the Fantastic Four series, and also paves a way for old readers of Fantastic Four. His humor on the book is also great. I think Alex Power's prayer over the food was probably the funniest thing I have seen in comics. Having Spider-Man on the team also adds a new twist to his series in Amazing Spider-Man. I mean placing Spider-Man on the Future Foundation also has to coexist within Spider-Man's book. So either this is before or after Revenge of the Spider-Slayers, we have no clue if Spider-Man has his spider-senses in this book. However, if Jonathan Hickman knows what he is doing and will probably explain this in the second issue. 
Steve Epting's artwork on this first issue is amazing! Steve being on the book as the artist really adds a great tone and sense that this book will be great. 

The Bad

 This series is really cool. However, with Nathaniel Richards knowing about the future of the team and how they are going to change the world, it really seems like a far reach on making a better tomorrow. I mean, there seems to be a lot of "making a better tomorrow" in most modern Marvel Comics. Tony Stark is trying to change the world to make a better tomorrow, so how can all of this fit in with one another?

The Verdict

 The Future Foundation has begun, and their ready to build that tomorrow! With the many members on the team and with Jonathan Hickman as writer and Steve Epting as artist, you know this is going to be an interesting series. Overall this should be picked up whenever possible this is a 4.5 out of 5.
Posted by RoninTheFury
Excellent review.
Posted by SUPER-MAN 23
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