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We have seen the future and it will be fantastic! In the absence of the Fantastic Four, a substitute Four, hand-picked by the real deal--Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and Miss Thing--stand ready to guard the Earth and the nascent Future Foundation for four minutes... NOW! what could possibly go wrong?


The Fantastic Four plan a vacation that, if all things go according to plan, will take them away from Earth for quite a while - but only four minutes in Earth-time. Knowing that anything could go wrong, each member is tasked with finding a replacement for those four minutes...

Reed Richards visits Scott Lang (Ant-Man) and the men look over a project of Scott's to help him be more mobile in his shrunken state. Reed is little help and admits that he is there to offer Scott a job, but only as long as Scott seems up to it. Scott reminds Reed that he has just lost his daughter so things are not all that great. Undeterred, Reed asks Scott to fill in for him as the leader of the Future Foundation on the condition that it will only be four minutes worth of time. Scott is dumbfounded.

On Attilan, Crystal welcomes Sue Richards and shows her to Medusa. The two talk of the difficulties of being high powered with high powered spouses and the high powered problems that accompany such arrangements. Medusa then asks about an offer that Sue had mentioned.

On Earth, the Thing holds a punching bag session with She Hulk. His approach is a little awkward, but he eventually gets out that he's looking for a replacement for four minutes. She questions why they need replacements for so short a time and the Thing admits that nothing ever seems to go right for them.

The Human Torch wakes up with Darla Deering and has the distinct impression that he is forgetting something. His calendar reminds him to "Ask somebody about the thing." He asks Darla her views on the Thing and then the two go get breakfast.

At the Future Foundation, Scott learns that part of his job will be watching kids. With his daughter's death, he feels that this is too much of a task. Reed takes him aside and Scott states that he simply thought he'd be leading the Fantastic Four for four minutes. Reed says that the job is to lead both the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation. Scott then notices some data posted on a wall and recognizes that someone is dying. Reed then fesses up that it is himself and that is why the Fantastic Four are leaving; the cure doesn't exist on Earth. Scott ultimately agrees to stand in Reed's place and he listens as each kid introduces himself and how they view the Future Foundation.

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The Superior Companion 0

Just like it's counterpart, this first issue of FF is pretty much all setup. It's funny though, because even though this issue is MORE setup and LESS action than Fantastic Four #1, I think I enjoyed this issue MORE.Mike Allred's artwork is a very interesting counterpart of Mark Bagley's. Bagley has a lot of nice details, rich layers of coloring and ink while Allred's artwork is a lot more simplistic and free. I'm not going to say either one is better, they each serve their purposes. Bagley as a ...

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The Understudies 0

Let me start by saying I liked this. I'm saying that because when this was announced, I was very against this book. I thought the concept sounded dumb, the team looked lame, and it was going to be a waste.I read Fantastic Four, and did for most of Hickman's run. I never really bought FF outside of three issues. I was able to follow Fantastic Four just fine. I like Fraction as well. His run on Iron Man is probably the best in my opinion. I love what he is doing on Hawkeye. I liked Defenders for w...

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