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Pre-Zero Hour

The original Ferro Lad was born in the 30th century. He and his twin brother, Douglas Nolan, were able to transform their bodies into living iron, but they both had terrible facial deformities that they kept hidden under masks.

Ferro joined the Legion Of Super-Heroes, but was only a member for a short time. He died delivering a bomb into the heart of a Sun-eater that threatened the Galaxy.


Ferro lad and his twin brother Douglas Nolan where born both metahumans with the ability to transform themselves into iron. Unfortunately both where born with their faces disfigured which led to their mother Nancy Nolan to give them away to a mad scientist known as Doc 30.  

Have No Fear! Ferro Is Here!

After years of being under the care of the doctor he managed to escape while his twin brother stayed behind.

In the arc of Final Night ,where the sun was dying, Ferro Lad (a 20 century counterpart) assists Perry White from the Daily Planet deliver the newspaper because Perry is set on having the Daily Planet not miss on day of delivery to its readers. When the Legion of Superheroes are marooned in the present day of Superman’s time he as well as other heroes join JLA to help save the destruction of the Sun and Earth. When its time to save the sun from the Sun-eater Ferro Lad Heroically gives his life in order to defeat the sun-eater. Yet at the last possible moment he is saved by Green Lantern Hal Jordan who has the power of Parallax and Hal Jordan instead gives his life to give light once again to the sun. Ferro Lad stays on the Legion team even though he knew they where from the 31 century.

He ventures with them back to their time in the future and found a new home up until half of the team were stranded in a rift and rest of the team disbanded.

He and fellow legionnaire Karate Kid traveled to the planet Steeple to visit a monastery who is only able to be found every 10 years (the entire planet) until a black hole returns and stops the gateway preventing anyone from returning to their part of the galaxy. At the monastery Ferro Lad began to cope with his disfigurement instead of being ashamed of it, while there he was


 brutally assaulted by a dangerous fugitive. His life was saved by the monastery monks but Ferro Lad was imprisoned in his Iron form and unable to remove his Iron helmet that he wore.

What was worse is that while all of this happened it was time for them to make their way back to the portal but due to the events Karate Kid and Ferro Lad where stranded on the planet for 10 years or so they thought.

However legionnaire Brainiac 5 used Threshold Tech to open the portal to the planet Steeple but while trying to do this the Legion and many planets where spellbound by villain Universo. Sensor and Shikari used the untested device to open the way to Steeple and escape from the villain. Now on the planet they found the lost legionnaires and went off on a mission to free Saturn Girl and where helped along the way by Phantom Girl and Ultra Boy to overthrow Universo and bring back all the entranced legionnaires and planets.

I Am Ferro!



Able to turn his entire body into Iron

When in Iron form he has Super strength


Height: 5’7”

Weight: 155

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

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