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Ferrian was one of the first Kherubim to come to earth over a millenia ago. He served as advisor, tactician, and First Knight to one of the four Kherubim Warlords, S'lyton, ruler of Atlantis. Ferrian was a large participant in the Kherubim/Daemonite wars of past. Lord S'lyton allied with the D'rahn against the Daemonites and when their alliance looked to be victorious, he used stolen D'rahn technology to turn on his allies and destroyed the D'rahn homeworld in belief that the D'rahn would become more of a threat than the Daemonites. In retaliation, the D'rahn attacked Atlantis and became enemies of the Kherubim. Ferrian felt extreme amounts of guilt for turning on his allies and did not take up arms against the D'rahn invasion. He was banished from Atlantis and branded a traitor.

When S'lyton sacrificed himself to imprison the D'rahn, Ferrian took his former lord's son Marc ( Backlash) and raised him. When Marc became old enough to take care of himself, Ferrian drifted out of the picture and lived a life of wandering.

Major Story Arcs

Backlash formed Wildcore some years later and went searching for his former mentor knowing that Ferrian's knowledge and experience against the newly emerging D'rahn threat would prove invaluable. He located Ferrian, who was living in South Africa, and offered him a spot on the Wildcore roster. Ferrian accepted.

Powers and Abilities

Ferrian is a Kherubim whose alien physiology makes him nearly immortal. As a Kherubim, he possesses super strength which allows him to lift upwards of 10 tons, grants high levels of durability, and an increased healing rate. His natural psychometric powers allow him to gain information from objects simply by touching them. Lastly, Ferrian is an extremely accomplished melee combantant and remains a cunning strategist and tactician. Ferrian is skilled in the use of a weapon that resembles a double-bladed lightsaber.

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