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Brief History

Ferret taking the case that got him killed
The Ferret was a nickname for Leslie Lenrow, a skilled private detective in the late 1930's and early 1940's who solved crime with the help of his pet ferret Nosey. The Ferret was hired by a lady to look into the disappearance of her mother. It seams the mother witnessed the coming of a Nazi spy ring and was killed for knowing to much. Ferret took the case and soon tracked down Heinz Kruger, a German spy whom had infiltrated the American army under a false name to sabotage the Super Soldier program. Nazi spies however found out about the Ferret's tracking of Heinz Kruger. He was deemed to have found too much information and too dangerous to be kept alive. The Ferret was killed by Nazi's not soon afterwards in his car, survived by his pet ferret Nosey.

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