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Feron worked for the Shadow Broker on several occasions until he took an offer from another group that opposed the Shadow Broker's interest.


Feron was created by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller. Feron was first introduced in BioWare's Mass Effect 2 video game. He is depicted in Mass Effect: Redemption by Mac Walters who is also the lead writer for the Mass Effect franchise.

Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

Mass Effect: Redemption

Bad Move Feron

Feron meets up with Liara T'Soni on Omega station to give her information about Commander Shepard's remains, when they are attacked by a group of Blue Suns Mercenaries. They are saved from the Blue Suns by agents of Cerberus who take Liara and Feron into their protection. Cerberus reveals to Liara that Feron is an agent of the Shadow Broker the very same person attempting to keep her from finding Shepard's remains. This creates tension between Liara and Feron that leads to Liara punching Feron, but understanding her frustration he agrees to help her and reveals that he's actually a double agent working for the Shadow Broker and for Cerberus. Feron takes Liara to the nightclub Afterlife on Omega where she meets with Aria T'Loak who reveals the location of Shepard's remains.

Meeting with Aria

Feron and Liara travel to the nightclub Afterlife to meet with Aria, the self-appointed Queen of Omega. Gaining information they descend to the lower levels of the enormous space station to investigate the Blue Suns mercenaries, who are revealed to have the corpse of Commander Shepard. The duo's sneaking mission soon turns to a frontal assault when they discover the presence of Tazzik, the Shadow Broker's right hand man. The two fight off mercenaries and enforcers but are only able to glimpse the casket that Shepard is being kept in before Tazzik and his ship carrying the body leave station and eludes their grasp.

The Shadow Broker

Feron and Liara follow Tazzik to one of the Shadow Broker's bases on Alingon in the Faryar System. After infiltrating his base, they learn of a Collector ship docked and ready to exchange Tazzik's cargo. They confront the Shadow Broker directly, only to learn it is an electronic puppet. While the deal is going down, Feron attempts to act as the Shadow Broker's agent and interrupt the deal. He is thwarted by the Reaper Harbinger, who takes control of the Collector and informs the mercenaries and Tazzik of Feron's true loyalty. Liara, meanwhile steals the ship with Shepard's body but has to leave Feron to die. The body is taken to a secret Cerberus facility designed to resurrect Commander Shepard, beginning the Lazarus Project that begins the events of Mass Effect 2.

Other Media

Mass Effect 2

In the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2 Feron is a minor character. After the events of Mass Effect: Redemption the Shadow Broker kept Feron alive and tortured him. Liara enlists the assistance of Commander Shepard to help rescue her friend and to bring down the Shadow Broker. After Liara and Shepard defeat the Shadow Broker Feron is freed from his torture and assists Liara who has taken over as the new Shadow Broker.

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