What area of Feral's body would you most enjoy tickling?

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Calling all Feral fans! I'm feeling like a real clown right now, and because I am a Feral fan and think there's no way in hell she can be anything short of ticklish due to her super-senses, I have this question. If Feral, restored to life, having fixed herself and made up for her past wrongs, plus reconciled with former hero and heroine foes of her past, came across you alone in the hotel room she was staying in to rest for a while, because that was your hotel room as well, and, due to feeling playful, she gave you permission to tickle her, and was wearing her usual X-Force uniform, but was barefoot, what region of her body would you tickle first? As in, which one would you have the most fun tickling while she laughs like a hyena and likes it? Her belly? Her underarms? Her feet? Her sides/ribs? Her neck? Or is there another place you would tickle Feral for your fun and her own? Please share your opinions, all!

#2 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (4691 posts) - - Show Bio

Creepy, but not as creepy and sick as this.

#3 Posted by Renchamp (2286 posts) - - Show Bio

Way to dominate the Feral forum.

#4 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (12521 posts) - - Show Bio

@sesquipedalphobe Reminds me of that Robot Chicken sketch . Now that was creepy

#5 Posted by ReVamp (22863 posts) - - Show Bio

Ha... Where's The Second, he should be here. ^__^

#6 Posted by blackdemon (1199 posts) - - Show Bio

@Renchamp: If that "way to dominate" comment is sincere and a compliment, then thank you. I am proud to be a Feral fan, even if you aren't one yourself. If, however, it is sarcastic and an insult, then get bent.

#7 Posted by The Poet (8291 posts) - - Show Bio

reminds me of the tigress forum post...


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