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Special Superbabes edition!!! Fifth great issue-all color! This special edition has all the fantastic full-page sexy Femforce shots of previous issues, with several unique twists. Produced in conjunction with the successful “Superbabes” licensed roll-playing game (based on the gals of the AC universe), it also features pieces by all the favorite FF artists, AND the winners of the second annual pin-up portfolio art contest. But that’s not all- in addition, their are 16 great illustrations of the Femforce lovelies done by some of the industries’ biggest names- Jerry (Superman) Ordway, Jackson (The Flash) Guice, John (Batman) Beatty, Mike (Punisher) Zeck, Jeff (The Badger) Butler, Rik (X-O,Manowar) Levins, Jordi (Star Wars) Ensign, Vic (Freak Force) Bridges, Andy (Quasar) Smith, Billie (Damage) Marimon, Brian Stelfreeze, Chris (Legion Of Superheroes) Sprouse, Brad (Aquaman) Vancata, Andre (Little Orphan Annie) Pepoy, and Terry (Strangers In Paradise) Moore. This art was commissioned and produced over a period of years as a birthday present for AC publisher Bill Black, who in turn made it a gift to the fans by printing them here. The biggest issue yet, it stars Ms. Victory, She-Cat, Tara, Nyoka, Dragonfly, Black Venus, Synn, Stardust, Colt, Buckaroo Betty, Jet Girl, Kitten, Yankee Girl, Miss Masque, Valkyrra, Nightveil, Blue Bulleteer, Black Phantom, Rayda, Rad The Blonde Bomber and a fun giant-woman GTS shot of Garganta. With art by: Mark Moore, Brad Gorby, Mark Heike,Chris Allen, Joseph Mbeh, Steve Likens, Mike Haner, Steve Haas, Jeffery Guice, Jim Gillespie, Stephanie(Big Bang)Sanderson, Anthony Carpenter, Pat Carlucci, Manuel Benavides, David St. Albans, Leah Adezio, Michael McDaniel, Chris Ousley, Charlene Peterson, Octavio Roman, Malorie Shannon, Pete(Robin)Woods, Joseph Silver, Paul Soler, Jeff Tompkins, and Kylie Ann Young. Color cover by Jerry Ordway, full color throughout. 48 pages, standard comic book format.







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