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The superheroines Ms. Victory, She-cat, Nightveil and Stardust are sent back into time to the days of the Old West, where they take on appropriate aliases for the time (Calamity Kate, Renegade Cherokee, Black Phantom, and Frenchie King) and mix with Wild West types of all kinds:  Angel Eyes BarcroftTim Holt, Chief White Cloud, Bullseye, Old Sure Shot, Bat Masterson, Rocky Lane, The Hooded Horseman, Wild Bill Elliot, Black Diamond, The Latigo Kid, The Durango Kid and more. They head for a showdown with Kronons that will bring about the origin of the man called Paragon
The story, first part of a crossover, is called "The Good, The Bad, And The Paranormal", and guest stars Harry Diamond, Doc Marvel, Wild Bill Pecos, Colt, Atoman, Captain Freedom, The Scarlet Scorpion, The Shade, Denny Brant and The Vardax
Written by Bill Black, Rik Levins and Don Secrease, with art by Levins, Secrease, Black, Tom Grindberg, Howard Bender, Steve Vance (The Simpsons), Dan Panosian, Bill Anderson, Dan Davis (Stars And Stripe) and Mark Heike.

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