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I really feel like to continue reading ...

In recent weeks I started to read FemForce. I know it's old and done by an independent company, Americomics. But anyway. I wanted to discover the work of Bill Black and Mark Heike.  Until now, I am very far from being disappointed. The writing is clever, the characters have personalities and evolves through the events, there are regular direct links or more subtle links in the history... And the drawings are beautiful, accurate, its like if I read a Golden Age book (or almost).     
The number 25 has been for me the best book since the number 1. It's sort of the culmination of a lengthy wait to find a new Miss Victory. I liked the fact than Jennifer Wayne-Burke respects her values to the limit of what she could. It's not frequent we see a character who holds at this point to his moral principles in the comics. I also liked the way Captain Kelly has convinced her to help her country. He knew how to play the right cards, touch the right spot.
It was also a real pleasure to see how the transformation has taken place in her body, gradually. And also the reaction of her husband a few weeks later, who does not understand that she has become so different in so little time...

In fact, the authors seem to think everything all the time. They never forget the reaction, the impact of characters' actions. Sometimes it's long, but never forgotten.

I look forward to reading future issues...

Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

nice work never read the series myself never really read indy comics save for dark horse's AVP books but it sounds interesting and yes the art doesn't seem to bad either but 90's artwork never really appealed to me.

Posted by turoksonofstone

The Golden Age stories featuring these characters are worth tracking down.

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