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Felicity Smoak is the second wife of Edward Raymond and stepmother to Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm). She is a business manager and an expert in her field.

She first encountered Firestorm when employed as manager of a New York computer software firm. In the course of one of his battles Firestorm magnetized and effectively destroyed several of the computers storing the software programs in development. This threatened to ruin her firm. She was enraged and confronted the super-powered idiot. The two would encounter each other time and again, Felicity making a point of explaining what the collateral damage of his battles cost to her and other civilians. Firestorm was frustrated with her and at one point used his molecular powers to transform Felicity's clothes to soap sud. He thus had her naked in public, a tactic he had already used on the supervillain Plastique. Felicity retaliated with a lawsuit.

At the same time Felicity had acquired a new boyfriend in reporter Edward Raymond. When Ronnie found out, he was uncertain how to treat her. Felicity and Edward eventually married. Felicity found out her stepson was Firestorm. Instead of berating him, Felicity was supportive. She just insists on the responsible use of his powers.

Other Media

Live-Action TV


Felicity Smoak appears in Arrow, portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards. In the show she is very socially awkward and this coupled with her having a crush on Oliver can come up with some very interesting situations. For example, she was undercover and when Oliver says he'll be there with her she replies, "I'm glad you're in me." She then tries to backtrack and says she'll "shut up now" to which Oliver replies "that'd be best."

In the episode Year's End, you find out she's Jewish.

She's also a extremely great hacker allowing her to hack things on the level of hackers for the government. In Darkness on the Edge of Town, a government hacker managed to track her as the Hacker who attempted to get into Merlyn Global.

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