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Felicia is a hot temptered and vulgar woman , who is first seen in the company's hospital room where she is shocked to find out that Donna Dunlap's bed is next to Noah Bennet's bed. She threatens Noah with her power because Noah might have told Donna bad things about the company. She then takes Donna to Bob and apologizes about Donna bieng next to Noah.

A former trainee of Noah, she herself is now a trainer of new recruits. After finishing a 12-hour combat training session with Donna , she takes herself shopping for clothes. Upon returning to the company , they separate ways and Felicia comments on how the company might not be happy with their shopping.

During an agent war between the agents with special abilities and the normal agents Felicia uses her ability to threaten Thompson jr, Gael Cruz,  and Penny logan, which causes a riot of violence between them. Thus having Thompson jr. ending the riot by setting up a sleep bomb that knocks all the agents out. When the mole of The company Connie Logan was discovered to be Evsdroper all the agents teamed up to take her and her army of Julien Dumont clones down. During the battle Felicia was among the agents who died in battle.

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