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As a Darkstalker, she has many supernatural powers, including the ability to turn into a white cat. She was born as a normal human in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was orphaned shortly after birth. At around the age of six, she started to grow fur and feline appendages, including cat ears, paws, and a tail.

Felicia was raised in an orphanage by a nun named Rose who is still alive and takes a very active in Felicia's life and career. Felicia hopes to one day become a star, singing and acting her way to fame. One of her roles include starring in The Feline of Oz as the Dorothy character in that particular re-imagining of the classic tale.

She soon learns that the demand for an actress with her unique... appendages is somewhat lower than she'd hope. On her path to stardom, she crosses paths with the werewolf Jon Talbain who is pessimistic where she is optimistic. She auditions for the part of Lady Macbeth, which is the first time she sees Jon as a werewolf.

All of the kids at the orphanage adore Felicia, who took Jon Talbain there in an effort to show him that humanity isn't as vile and treacherous as he believes.

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