Fearless Defender's Team Speculations

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Who do you think will be on the team when it's full?

Members we know

Misty Knight




Dani by Marc Laming


Fearless Defenders

Member's I think will join.

Black Cat



She-Hulk by Paul Pelletier


Nova #34
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Hippolyta is also on the team.

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@fesak: Oh I didn't know that character was named :o

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Great roster so far. Any of the She-hulks seems like a sure thing, so does Colleen Wing since Misty is in, but maybe not. I'm almost willing to bet Elsa Bloodstone is in, and i'm hoping they include a couple of more obscure characters too, like maybe Dead Girl or Komodo

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I hope they have Outlaw in this book. I miss her. She used to be in a lot of comics back in the day.

#6 Posted by HAWK2916 (2154 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope to see Amiko Kobayashi, Callisto, Namorita, Colleen, Elsa Bloodstone, and Karolina Dean I also kinda want Psylocke in there too

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