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Another issue, another butt kicking good time!

This issue takes place in China Town/Underground, with a very quick setup. Elsa Bloodstone, Misty Knight, and Annabelle/Valkyrie are investigating a monster incident in the area. With a nod to Big Trouble in Little China (Oh, I caught that reference), the gang eventually fights Ninjas and aliens!

This issue also introduces, what I believe is another new villain created by Bunn (I could be wrong here) who is a legacy of an older villain. This issue also has a SUPER AWESOME GUEST STAR which I will not spoil, but it took me completely off guard! When Cullen Bunn said anyone could show up in this book, he was right! This character put a smile on my face!

The art seems to be tighter this time around. I think Will Sliney is starting to get into his groove. Though I do think some of the poses got a little strange, on specifically with the new villain seemingly leaping away from the main heroes.

Also, kudos to Gandini on coloring! What I really liked was how Valkyrie was Blue, Misty was red, and Elsa was orange. It made each character pop out more!

Overall, very fun issue. I really liked it being a done in one:


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Posted by lykopis

I love your enthusiasm! I didn't enjoy quite as much as you did, but I admit I am extra critical of the book. And you are right, the colouring really did come across great.


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