blackkitty's Fearless Defenders #6 review

Fearless Defenders #6

Okay, I have a problem with team writers who don't seem to want to actually write the team. I know what people are saying, what do you mean kitty? Well, they put in Black Cat, Spider Woman, Colleen Wing, and Elektra into this issue and yet, in the entire issue, only She Hulk says something on 1 page, the rest mind as well not even be there. So, if you're gonna put characters into your book I ask you, why not actually use them?

Okay, at the end, I'm not going to give away what happened but... why did the heroes just walk away? That seems really messed up to me.

Okay, on a plus side, they actually showed Dansen Macabre, no one ever uses her, it was nice to see.


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