cafeterialoca's Fearless Defenders #2 review

Pretty good.

This issue has two parts to it. The first part is all about Dani Moonstar making her entrance, and she puts up quite a show as she takes out numerous mercenaries. The action is quick and pretty great. I will say that the one complaint are that some of her poses are a tad bit off.

The other half of the issue is Valkyrie confronting the All-Mothers with Annabelle and Misty as company. There is a reveal of a villain, and an appearance of another character.

I think this issue was good, though I personally enjoyed the first issue more. We got a closer look at our series villains (One who likes to kick puppies) and we got a general idea of what the Doom Maidens are. A couple great moments include Valkyrie distracting herself from her task at hand which lead to a few humorous panels.

Props to Mark Brooks and his continual awesome covers.

There is not much more I can think to say about this issue, so I guess I’ll some up with BRING ON HIPPOLYTA!

Issue 2 Score: 7/10

Pros: Dani kicking butt, Further buildup to where the title is heading, Awesome cover.

Cons: Some odd poses here and there, the pacing was a bit fast near the end.

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