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First Issue Success

I know this review is coming in a bit late but I forgot this book was coming out. Anyway, I thought I would still do a little something since it’s the only comic book I’ve been interested to read for about two years now. So here I go.

The Good

  • Valkyrie – definitely a good choice for a lead character. She’s been severely underused for a while now and ever since Fear Itself: The Fearless, it because even clearer how important it was to have her be center stage. She doesn’t disappoint here bringing her signature Asgradian strength and humor.
  • Misty Knight ­– I’ll be honest, she’s not my favorite female character but she’s started to grow on me. Her introduction sequence was amazingly drawn and showed off her skills.
  • The interaction between the two women – definitely my favorite part. These two characters are on different parts of the heroin spectrum so their interaction could have goon either way. Luckily it was done in a humor and I felt correct way.
  • The new characters – the villains were great and I’m really looking forward to learning more about them so I won’t talk more about them. Then there was Dr. Riggs – loved her. She was quick and witty and it’s good to see a female scientist.
  • The art – awesome, love it. Give me more.
  • The Mark Brooks and Skottie Young covers – this doesn’t really need explaining.

The Bad

·          There was only one bad thing in this issue and that was the damn kiss between Valkyrie and Dr. Riggs. A completely pointless sequence for fan service. I would like to say, I have no problem with lesbians, I like gays more but that’s a personal preference. I just have a problem that if this had been two guys, people would have been up and arms about it, complaining and bitching away.  And just because you have a book full of women, you don’t need them making out. That being said, it was a nicely drawn but that doesn’t fix that it was pointless.


I really liked this issue. I’ve not been happy with comic books for a long time so it was good to read something that didn’t piss me off. This had great characters, great art and a great mystery set up that I’m waiting to be revealed to me each issue. With the exception of the kiss, this was a great first issue to a hopefully long-lasting series.

Grade: 4/5

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Nice, clear review, QH! I'm glad you enjoyed the issue for the most part, as I know you were interested in it. Pleased to hear it didn't disappoint :)

Posted by Queso6p4

Yeah, I literally just finished reading this issue and my major points of contention were the horribly forced kiss and Misty's needlessly cheesy intro dialogue. I think the typical "male fantasy" aspects of the book really dropped it's overall effectiveness but the pacing, coloring, and humor were well-balanced. I may take a stab at the second issue as this series definitely has potential.

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