Show of posts, who here enjoyed the climax to fear itself?

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I was going to ask when it came out. The whole end justs seemed expected, and like even the writers didn't bother to make it an incredible read.

Just tony goes to a god smelt, gets some weps

supes up the avengers with neon lights

they all win as usual

anybody who reads comics, knows the good guys always win one way or the other. and we also know, that the best part is how they got to the big W, but this turned out to be a pretty rushed and attention deficit styled ending for me. heres my perspective

writer at begining:"this'll be a great story I've got alot planned"

midway-"ok this is going good so fa-oooh donuts!" *runs to snack lounge donut pile*

end: "mm donuts...wha? I dunno, make everybody look like the bottom of a honda civic and kill thor"

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damn no posts, thats a good indicator of bad writing

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