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Too big of a team



I like the cover’s art and concept. The art reminds me a lot of the main series ,which is really great art and I have enjoyed. The concept is also great it tells the whole story. The young heroes are trying to defeat Juggernaut.


The young heroes have to team up to try and defeat the possessed Juggernaut.

Best Part

I am a big fan of teen heroes. So, seeing the teen heroes of the Marvel Universe team up was pretty fun to read. It shows that everyone with power has to help with all the destruction that has been happening around the world.

Worst Part

I felt like this issue was cluttered with way too many heroes. Half of the heroes in this issue I have not heard of and they did not give enough spotlight on the characters to let us learn more about them. So, the whole issue was very confusing. It was nice to see teamwork but I wish they had less people in the team to have spotlight for everyone.


As I said for the cover portion of this review I really like the art for this issue. The cover has the same art as the art inside of the issue and I love that it is really similar to the art from the Fear Itself main series.

Pick it up or not

Do not pick it up!!!

2 ½ out of 5


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Posted by Liberty

Wow you don't do the not pick up that often

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