ironherc's Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1 - Youth In Revolt: Part One review

There sure are some youths but not yet in revolt

I just picked up this issue because as hesitant as i was, the premise is good, the initiative forms again to help people without the need to register or anything and hey look! some members of the young allies are there too! while of course dealing with the effects of fear itself

The good
Like other tie-ins and the main tittle are now sharing the same common trait, fear is expanding everywhere! which is what i was waiting for months before this event started. While this heroes who were forced to register so they wouldn't be persecuted are now reunited again by their own free will (after getting invited by steve rogers who as the awesome dude he is, gives them the choice to do it or not since even if they need all the heroes they can get, he still respects their opinion)  which is another charming result of the Heroic Age (which i keep hearing it will end soon and that sucks!).
 The end it shows how Thor girl being inspired by the asgarthians is attacked by people who of course, think of her as one of the worthy, starting the conflict in this book

I haven't in honesty read avengers the initiative (planning to) since i love the idea of new heroes appearing  in marvel and dc instead of seeing the same people over and over again, this book is right for me on that, i may not know them a lot yet but its good reading a book that consists in not so well known heroes to help the people while the big guns are doing the major work related to the hammers and the worthy

The Bad
I don't know these guys that much (except the young allies) so their relationships or personalities are kinda a mystery to me yet i have the feeling that some of this guys will grown on me, (since its the first issue) it was kinda slow yet we get to somewhat know some of this heroes like Thor Girl and Prodigy, so the real problem in this book is that is not exactly accessible for a person who just got into comi----wait no! that's how i learn about many of the lesser known characters! so its cool because there is gotta be somewhere to start reading about this heroes anyways, so probably the pacing must be the true problem since its the first issue and also because its just average

The issue was average to me who doesn't know about the initiative that much but for those who do, it will probably be a very good issue (i liked the ending so I'm going to continue this book)


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