caladbolglight's Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1 - Before the Devil Knows We're Dead review

Another fledgeling hero...canonfodder

The Story 
Story starts off with a Purifier (been a while since we seen them) who blows up an airport just cause. Deadpool is telling the story of X-Force to a couple o' stuffed animals and Warren and Logan talk about how nuts it is, fitting with how nuts it is with all the Worthy out there. They check out the news of the airport and the footage of some tied-up new superhero. Psylocke and Fantomex go to some New York City shvank party to capture some Purifier for information. X-Force threatens him with torture to find out where the boy is being held prisoner. They eventually get the information, along with the name of the current leader, a man named Jonathan Standish. Standish has a big monologue in his mansion about how it isn't the mutants fault, but super humans fault. He gets some godly epiphany. X-Force infiltrate the base and do a whole lotta killing, and find out that Standish and the boy aren't there. Standish televises him telling everyone to kill themselves and everyone around them since the world is going to end anyway. He then shoots the boy.  
The Good 
Standish has some very good dialogue, that makes you believe that he's completely nuts. The art is good and bad. I like how they draw special effects and what not, though the way they draw people is frankly odd. A major plus of this series is how it feels like it's part of Marveldom. What I noticed about Uncanny X-Force, is that it seems to be in it's own little universe, with very little to no mention of the more well-known Marvel Earth. 
The Bad 
This comic is a sore disappointment to the outstanding material that we've seen so far in Uncanny X-Force. It feels rushed, and it feels like Marvel is trying to give every comic a part in Fear Itself
The Verdict 
Don't bother. It isn't bad-bad, but it's just meh
Posted by Larkin1388

Great review. I too feel that this issue felt rushed, and I feel the same as far as giving everything a part in the Fear Itself arc.

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