power_struggle55's Fear Itself: The Worthy #5 - The Worthy: Hulk review

Thank goodness I got this as a free digital

Im just starting to get into the Fear Itself story. So I download all the Worthy tie ins. Now I already read the sin issue which was good considering I had no idea about her backstory besides she was the daughter the red skull. This issue is the same but nothing we didnt already know. Its like 4 pages long and just does the Hulk's origin without anything leading up to Fear Itself. Its ok as a small origin story but there is nothing to tie into fear itself. Sin's issue ended right where Fear Itself #1 began so it felt like a good tie in and was 8 pages long. 
This was a disapointment which makes me glad I got got this as a free digital. Get it if you must...but dont get it if you are expecting a good Fear itself tie in.

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