gold_dust_boi's Fear Itself: Deadpool #2 - Walrus By Night! review

Fear Itself: Dumbpool (Spoilers)

In the words of Chelsea Handler," What...a piece of $#!t"  This entire series is just a blatant ploy for more money.  And I don't just mean its not necessary to the story like a few other parts of this epic sized crossover. No, this one actually has nothing at all to do with the storyline of Fear Itself.
In fact the only relation to the actual Fear Itself storyline is that Deadpool knows about the hammers and is parading around a fake one.  They even had a chance to make it work, once the Walrus get real powers from it, they could have some how tied it back to The Serpent or Asgard or something, but no they decided to run with the whole "no-relation-to-the-storyline" thing.  
Now I DID collect Deadpool back in the 90's (I thought it was cute and fun plus he was sorta dating Siryn) and this was definitely a great throwback to that kind of humor.  But you know what? I kinda made the decision to not read Deadpool anymore so I wouldn't have bothered picking up this series if not for the fact that it was part of FI...except it kinda isn't right?
The story itself is comical and entertaining, I won't deny that.  Deadpool's plan blowing up in his face coupled with his classic slapstick, to the normal Deadpool reader, I am sure is hilarious, but I feel like they just slapped a "Fear Itself" banner across a story that had nothing to do with it just to suck 9 more dollars out of readers that they normally wouldn't get to buy a book.  Low, Marvel...Really Low...


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