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Fear Itself Book of the Skull

If you are ready to embrace Marvel's newest Story arc Fear Itself, then this is where you need to start. To know who and/or what the Marvel Universe should be fearing, you must read the book of the skull. Readers will find out how it all began in those fateful days of War World 2. Written by Ed Brubaker with artwork by Scot Eaton, Mark Morales and Sunny Gho.

The Good

I have always been a fan of Ed Brubaker's work on Captain America. I like how he takes old elements from comics and in someway, form or shape, makes an interesting comic. Having Bucky stand trial for his crimes as Winter Soldier is an example. Red Skull (the original) is probably my favorite villains of all times. I have always liked how he is drawn, and even in the hand of dying or loosing the war, he always seems to find some sort of victory. I hated how he turned all cyborg and that entire story, but I have liked how he is just Red Skull and is combating Steve Rogers. With this comic taking place in both the past and the present, Sin (Red Skull 2) is trying to find her fathers Book to complete his work and find the so-called true All-Father. I like how Sin's story to find the book is really shedding some light on the War World 2 experience that Namor, Steve and Bucky had when they combated Skull when he kidnapped Atlanteans for their blue flesh. And it adds to the mystery on how Odin and the "real" all-father is connected the main story of Fear Itself.

The artwork by Scot Eaton, inking by Mark Morales and colors by Sunny Gho I really liked how the artwork turned out. While the mask on Sin's face looks more like they colored her face red, then a mask, I liked how the characters were drawn. The colors really stood out on the Atlanteans and the background is a real peace of artwork.   

The Bad

This is yet again, another story arc. With so much going on in the Marvel Universe, it seems like there are so many story arcs being created. Seeing all the teaser images from months past, I don't know how this is all going to end. Of course good is going to win, but how will this, drastically, change the Marvel Universe? Until this story has been completed who knows what is in-store for some of our favorite characters?

The Verdict

So Fear Itself has finally begun and what can we do about it, just sit through it and see how Matt Fraction plays things in the monthly title. Issue 1 is already out, and this is good to look back on when reading the main series. Fear Itself also has other titles that group around the book, but you don't really need those to understand the main title "Fear Itself." They are considered to look at the book differently, but that is basically it. Overall get this book and begin Fear Itself, 4 out of 5.

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