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This is how it all begins 0

The next major Marvel event/crossover begins with a flashback involving the Red Skull and...  The Good The Red Skull no doubt had countless plans in motion. With his current death (how long will that last?), it's up to his daughter, Sin, to carry on his battle against the world. The result is Sin and Zemo visiting an old lair of the Skull's with a flashback that kickstarts the entire FEAR ITSELF storyline. I'm usually skeptical when previously unseen events from the past suddenly surface but the...

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Only Bucky can look badass while saying "Knuckle Sandwich" 0

Book of the Skull really kept me on an unexpected pace when involving the Red Skull into Marvel’s next EPIC event known as Fear Itself. Even though Brubaker introduced Red Skull’s involvement much more differently than what I expected, his handling on how Red Skull’s daughter, the newest Red Skull would take a role within Fear Itself. Marvel One-Shot’s usually give a Love or Hate feeling, meaning that these One-Shot’s tend to go either horribly bad, or very entertaining. This Prologue of Fear ...

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Fear Itself begins... 0


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Fear Itself Book of the Skull 0

If you are ready to embrace Marvel's newest Story arc Fear Itself, then this is where you need to start. To know who and/or what the Marvel Universe should be fearing, you must read the book of the skull. Readers will find out how it all began in those fateful days of War World 2. Written by Ed Brubaker with artwork by Scot Eaton, Mark Morales and Sunny Gho. The Good I have always been a fan of Ed Brubaker's work on Captain America. I like how he takes old elements from comics and in somewa...

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From the Skin of Atlantean 0

This prologue to "Fear Itself" was important for showing how Sin is planning on taking down the world to her feet, but if it wasn´t for the amazing art of Eaton and the fact that Brubaker knows so well how to use Bucky and Captain America this would be a total failure if you analyse only the aspect of introducing a major event. I don´t think this book contained enough explanations of how Sin managed to obtain all the info about her daddy´s oldest secrets and instead of putting action into this o...

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