artjoker's Fear Itself #7.1 - Captain America review

If anything This Issue only made me Like Bucky even more

Death and Reincarnation seems to be a pretty common occurrence in the comic industry as of late, however my hat goes off to Brubaker on this issue for trying to make the best of a terrible situation. So the events of Fear Itself have left a major hole in the heart of Steve Rogers after Bucky falls in combat to that crazy hammer wielding psycho, which was quite disappointing to see; and at the time seemed like a insult to all the hard work Brubaker and other artists went through to bringing Bucky into the modern era. However the story is pretty much straight forward, Cap takes his anger out on Nick Fury and Bucky returns only thanks to the quick thinking of Ed Brubaker. I think The sacrifice that was made to bring Bucky back is touching and believable. If anything I feel that by the end of this issue I get a sense that Brubaker and Guice have made this story a testament to the fact that they are going to do right by Bucky come 2012 with a Winter Soldier title!

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