matkrenz's Fear Itself #7.1 - Captain America review

Best issue of Fear Itself.

Review for Fear Itself #7.1.

The Story: We learn of what actually happened to Bucky in Fear Itself.

Thoughts: I will admit that my biggest flaws with this issue is that I have not read anything of Brubaker's Captain America epic run. Meaning a lot of this falls a bit flat for me, all im going to say is that it's all very interesting and it will obviously be very important for the future. Honestly I really like this issue mostly because Brubaker has found an incredibly clever way to bring Bucky back and to undo his moronic death at the hands of Fraction.

The Verdict: Very good issue that sets up future Captain America storylines but it doesn't really do much for me since I haven't read Brubaker's run. This is a buy.


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