caladbolglight's Fear Itself #6 - Blood-Tied & Doomed review

Blood-Tied and Doomed

The Story

Thor is revealed to be 100% alive (though rather beaten and bruised) and is rushed to Asgard, while Steve Rogers orders Luke Cage to begin evacuating New York City. Odin has finally assembled his army to raze Earth, when the Avengers arrive supporting Thor. Steve sasses Odin something terrible, and Odin, in all his somewhat confused rage, magics them back to Earth. He then takes Thor to be healed. Steve begins to see that there is no victory and orders Hawkeye to evacuate Earth. We flash to the Serpent, who acknowledges that the endgame is here and that he is ready to die if need be. He tells Skadi that she is his heir and that he has complete and utter faith in her. Meanwhile, Spider-Man urgently searches for Aunt May. Odin manages to partially heal Thor and outfits him with the armour that he wore when he fought the Serpent for the first time, long ago. He acknowledges that the Serpent is indeed his brother and that he hopes that Thor will win where he failed. He then presents Thor the Odinsword. Svartalfheim: Tony Stark has finished his work in the forges of Odin and presents them to the All-Father. Stark's last request is that Odin bless them with his power. Odin consents and tosses Stark, and all the newly forged weapons into a magical vot of magma. Back in Broxton, Steve decides to try and fight the Serpent on the front lines. As the Serpent's new, flying Asgard approaches, Steve makes ready.  
The Good

To be honest, I wouldn't give this comic the five-star review that Matt Demers did, and the only reason I gave it a four-star review was because of the absolutely epic sequel this issue leaves. I have neither been thrilled with the art, nor the writing, but the story does seem to be finally coming together. Just before I wrote this, I saw Marvel's teaser for next issue's The Mighty, which makes sense. Fight Worth with Might? Anyway, I think it's a cool idea. Seeing Odin's moment of weakness was nice, as well as the whole Spider-Man--Aunt May dynamic (I don't read Spider-Man, it was neat). I just can't wait for this arc to be finally finished!! 
The Bad

As I have said before, I don't see in what way this crossover has to do with fear! Fear Itself? This series is more of a war issue. I was expecting everyone to have their greatest fears come to life, which frankly, I would have preferred. Yes, the Serpent's power is fear-based(?), but is that really enough? 
The Verdict

Only good for the next issue. However, if you feel like you're fed up, then hang in there, cause this series deserves finishing.

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