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Like many of the issues of this exhausting crossover, this book was kind of a mixed bag.  So let's breakit down shall we?

The Bad: Well let's start with the 5 page recap (6 if you count the actual recap at the beginning).  I mean did we really need to spend the first 5 pages of story showing that Steve is Cap again, Tony is drunk and begging with Odin for weapons, and Thor is getting the snot beat out of him by Hulk and Thing...we saw all this!  For all my bitching and moaning, I (and I suspect everyone else) am still buying all the issues in this storyline so did did we really need to read it again in the main book?  And I could do with a little less of Sin prattling on and on about killing Bucky Barnes in her half Asgardian speak.  Its getting to be a bit much wouldn't you agree?  But the thing that's at the top of my "The Bad" list today is Steve Rogers, only back as Captain America for minutes, giving up right in front of the troops he's supposed to be leading.  And this wasn't like when he gave up at the end of Civil War for the good of everyone else, no, this was, "Yeah I let Spider-man go home to see his family (which none of you have obviously) because, well honestly guys, there's no way were winning this one."  I'm sorry, but did I just hear that right?  Did Captain America, leader of National (and possibly World) Security just give up the fight in the of an actual Blitzkrieg?  UH NO! Epic Fail Marvel...

The Good: The Shattering of the shield? Awesome!  Yes I know its happened before and call me a fan boy but its intense and exciting EVERY TIME.  Also, the huge hold being blown through Thing by Mjolnir? WOW.  I know some people think that should have gone under "The Bad" but it was a stunning scene and led to possibly my favorite development in the issue...ACTUAL PLOT ADVANCEMENT.  For a few months now we have been watching the Worthy Ravage the entire world.  Not just a city or two like usual, but many of the world's major cities have been leveled or otherwise destroyed.  Now as exciting as that all can be, it all has to lead somewhere eventually right?  I mean we've got Sin taking down Washington and New York, while Grey Gargoyle takes down Paris, Juggernaut rampages across the entire country, and The Serpent himself floats a castle above it all, but whats actually happened or going to happen?  Well as Franklin uses his powers he heal Ben Grimm, revealing his powers to his Uncle, he also freed him from the possession of The Serpent.  Finally we might get some answers! Who knows what he might remember, but more importantly its the first time during this war that a Worthy has been actually stopped instead of moved.  I am hoping that the last two issues (and related tie-ins) really give us some answers because up until this issue its just been a lot of mindless carnage. 

As I keep saying I DO love this storyline, but its got gaping holes in the action that Marvel has chosen to replace with lots of pointless tie-ins.  Its nice to finally see some headway being made in the battle against the Worthy, and I look forward to seeing what Ben can bring to the table from his time as Angrir.  Unfortunately for me I think that the good stuff I saw in this issue was overshadowed by Cap and Spidey's HIGHLY uncharacteristic behavior.  I'm sorry but everyone in this battle has friends and family that they are worried sick about, that is no reason to run from the battlefield or vocally give up in front of the forces you are leading.  A very disappointing day for Captain America and Spider-man fans.

Posted by Daycrawler

I think that with Cap seeming to give up and Spidey freaking out and leaving is all meant to be an indicator as to just how much fear and negativity are affecting people, even the heroes, at this point. Everything is on the brink of collapse and only a crazy person wouldn't at least recognise this. The power of the serpent is nearly total and even the heroes are buckling under the weight of it. I mean, like you say, the devastation is global, the worthy have been unstoppable to this point, all heroes efforts have been ineffectual and they've seemingly run out of options. The whole point of the storyline is that this is the biggest threat the MU has faced and the situation is currently hopeless. Everyone has a breaking point and for many heroes this is rapidly becoming it. 
As for spideys behaviour, yeah way out of character on first glance, but having read the spidey FI mini, I can see where Fraction is coming from with this. The mini shows pretty effectively and believably spidey's mental state starting to fall appart.  The recent Iron Man issues have also done a great job at showing Starks growing sense of hopelessness and decent into drinking again (albeit with a plan attached!). Guess thats why Fraction has the scenes with Cap and Sin talking about Bucky in the main title as there's not been a similar Captain America tie-in to deal with this fallout.
Guess that perhaps the sense of fear/desperation/helplessness/despair that heroes are feeling is not conveyed as well in the main title. 
BTW, agree that Mjolnir through Things chest and Caps shield shattering were awesome moments!

Edited by DMC

dude just do what I did and drop this event. It's not worth it imo. Besides Marvel will tease/spoil the ending, they've done it before right?

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