caladbolglight's Fear Itself #3 - The Hammer That Fell on Yancy Street review


The Story: 
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The Good: 
Art is relatively good, but I don't like how they draw Thor, they make him look fat. I love the Worthy idea, but that's about it.  
The Bad: 
I was originally so interested in the idea of the story, but now the last two issues are basically pure war with not a lot of actual good fighting. I wasn't really interested in the story (I couldn't even really tell if there was one). 
The Verdict: 
I'm gonna keep watching this series, but my hope is down, and I'm not expecting as much. I wish that they'd make this bimonthly and stop having all the spin-offs, cause I think it'd be a lot better if we got the whole thing in one series, not five or whatever.

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