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Feel the Fear

I didn't read anything regarding this series. No previews, promos, anything. In fact, i didn't even realise the book was out this week! The cover itself grabbed me (McNiven is excellent at that), picking it up at Kapow comic-con yesterday, and seeing the talent creating this book, i couldn't resist.

Matt Fraction is a fantastic writer. He has more than proven himself with Invincible Iron Man, which is an essential book. It shines through straight from the first page, which is almost cinematic, even for a comic book. Every scene is as intense as the one preceding it, which builds to a great first issue climax. This also serves as a great 'take it or leave it' decision for the reader, but i already know that if i don't follow up with issue 2, i'm already missing out on something special.

The artwork fits perfectly, not the colorful mood of Romita Jr's work on The Avengers, and particular attention has been given to Thor and Steve Rogers, who look fantastic in this book. However, it's shame that that level of detail isn't quite the same for the other characters all the way through also.

I haven't picked up a mini-series event book from release since House of M, and this was definitely a worthy purchase. Here's hoping for more great things going forward, and that it lives up to the hype this issue has created for the rest of the series. Great read.

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