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Birth of the Kkallakki


The Fear Eaters, also known as the Kkallakki, are an alien race who were born to the Fear Lords co-creator Kkallakku in order to aid his quest for fear. Their age and exact past details are unknown, but they are thought to have destroyed many planets in their conquest.

Encounter with the Silver Surfer


While voyaging through space, the cosmically enhanced member of the Heralds of Galactus known as the Silver Surfer was attacked by a wandering Fear Eater. The Kkallakki snuck up on the Surfer, teleporting him to earth, since it was the nearest planet. He then sought to learn of the Surfer's deepest fear, and realized that it was Galactus himself. With this knowledge, the Fear Eater utilized it's vast magic power and created an Absorba Shield, identical to that of Galactus, to encase the Surfer in. The Surfer, however, broke free of the prison by using his own portion of the Power Cosmic. When he escaped, the Fear Eater bound him in shackles, draining his power, and reverting him to his former self as Norrin Radd. Although Norrin should have been vanquished, he used his great courage to abolish his fear and diminish the strength of the Fear Eater, and thus defeated him.

Other Encounters


Random unnamed Kkallakki have had many various encounters with the heroes of earth while on their conquest for fear-based sustenance, but none have been successful. These encounters include, but are not limited to, encounters with the Thing of the Fantastic Four, Captain America and Thor of the Avengers, and Daredevil. Many Kkallakki have also had unsuccessful, often fatal, encounters with Doctor Strange as well.

The Great Fear


When the Dweller In Darkness had set forth his plan to bring about The Great Fear, the Kkallakki played a key part in the role. When the Fear Lord Nox had used her revived sons, Deimos and Phobos, to hold Clea and Rintrah captive, the Hatch Lord Kkallakku used this time to attack earth with his Kkallakki in order to feed on the fear that Nox and her sons had caused. Dr. Strange, having encountered the Fear Eaters before, knew what their strength was based on, so he cast a spell to draw all the fear of the citizens into himself, thus acting as a decoy for the Fear Eaters. Once he saw the Fear Eaters following him, he instinctively and out of fear opened a portal to another dimension to escape. When he went through the portal, he became very small in size, so small that the following Fear Eaters coul dnot detect his presence. Utilizing their confusion, Dr. Strange went back through the portal, closing it and sealing the Kkallakki behind him in an unnamed dimension.

The Return of the Kkallakki...?


Although Dr. Strange seemed to seal all of the Kkallakki inside the unknown dimension, the Kkallakki have shown the ability to travel between dimensions before, so it is doubted that the Kkallakki will be held captive in the dimension for long. Also, when Kkallakku was sealed away, the Dweller In Darkness was heard by Nightmare saying that he expected the Kkallakki to be back, but by then it would be too late, and his plan would be in motion.

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