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Fauna and her girlfriend Nikki

Little is known about Fauna, aside from the fact that she is the daughter of Felix Faust, one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC Universe. At some point, she and her lesbian lover, Syonide, joined Kobra's Stikeforce. In a disastrous outing, Syonide was killed and Fauna was spirited away by her father to be punished. She would soon resurface to help him in a battle against the Outsiders.

Fauna eventually proves that she is not as cruel as her father and performs a good deed. When Wylde, a man transformed into a half-man half-bear creature, goes berserk she uses her powers to tame him. She then mystically transforms him into a normal bear and sees to it that he is safely kept in a zoo.

What has become of Fauna in recent years remains to be seen.

Fauna visiting Wylde after her ordeal with her father

Powers and Abilities

Fauna's mystical abilities enable her to link with 'The Red', which gives her oneness with all animal life. She can communicate with and control any sort of animal or insect. Fauna can also also use them as familiars, allowing her to see and hear through them.

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