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Maria Petrova was born in Moscow, a child prodigy with a natural gift for dancing. Her incredible control and skill were superior to those of professional dancers and she became the youngest prima ballerina of the Imperial Russian Ballet. While still a teenager, she headlined many productions and became a much adored celebrity in the dancing world and its fans.

But on the opening night of which she was to be lead in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, an earthquake happened, causing a terrible car accident which took the lives of her parents and Maria's ability to walk Secluding herself, she began to hate the world, blaming it for stealing away her dreams and hopes at just fifteen years of age..

An inventor by the name of Niles Van Roekel approached her with a proposition. Due to her superb muscle control, memory and precise physical movement, Maria would be the best candidate to be outfitted with his creation; a seismic accelerator. He was able to reanimate her legs through the use of cybernetics, giving back her ability to dance again.

Roekel taught her how to use the weapon, attaching it to her nervous system. All the while Maria was excited to wreak havoc on the world she felt abandoned her, as Fault Zone.


Fault Zone is a fictional character created by Electronic Arts and Marvel to introduce Marvel heroes and villains into a video game platform. (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfect.) She was created by Greg Pak and Renato Arlem and appeared for the first time in Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects #2

Character Evolution

Furious Revenge

Fault Zone is an extremely embittered young woman, the tragedy befalling her as a young teenager warping her mind into believing the world was at fault and should held accountable. Fault Zone exists only for revenge and revels in her ability to destroy and wreak havoc.

Major Story Arcs

Fault Zone took on the Thing during the Invasion of the Imperfect and managed to defeat the Thing. When she attempted to destroy more of Manhattan, Storm arrived and was able to stop the young villain from causing more damage.

Powers and Abilities

Due to her above average dancing skills, Fault Zone is extremely agile and strong. She has the ability to create very powerful, localized earthquakes through the use of the seismic accelerator apparatus grafted onto her entire body. She also has seismic needles which she uses in combat.


Citizenship: Russian

Occupation: Former Prima Ballerina

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 95lbs (43 kg)

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Black

Unusual Features: Cybernetic legs and needle outfitted arms

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