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Father is the creator of The Homunculi. The story is that he first started out in a flask and met a slave he gave him a name because it was the slaves blood that kept it alive. The name was Van Hohenheim. The flask said its name was Homunculi. After years Van Hoenhiem had enough knowledge to read, write, and do math. The flask or Homunculi was asked by the king to help him get immortality. The flask showed them the plan for an alchemy circle that would have to surround a few countries. After a few months or years the circle was completed and activated. Everyone found out that Homunculi had betrayed them everyone died, except for Van Hohenhiem and Homunculi. Though Van Hoenhiem didn't know what had happen he tried calling out and checking for any sing of life to no answer. Then suddenly Homuculi came out in the kings body and with Van Hohenhiem's face. Though what happened next is a blur though pride said that Father had gotten rid of his sins this gives out a suggestion why their names are related to sins.

His ultimate goal was later revealed to create a nation wide Philosopher's stone within himself from the millions of lives of the people of Amestris for this sole reason he created the country. He then planned to us this energy to open his open portal of truth and bind 'god' to this world, with this he was no longer bound by the laws of equivalent exchange.

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