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Father Hercules Tres Iqus

A large part of the AX family even if he has no feelings.

Father Tres Iqus is refereed to as a killing doll in the trinity blood series. He was built in 3036 by Professor Geppetto Gribaldi (his name of course taken from the maker of Pinocchico). Originally built as an attempt of a coo against the church. Tres is built from both human and mechanized parts making him a cyborg rather then a robot. At some points we see him display what looks like emotion. but he is often confused and questions what people are thinking and why he has acted this way. He never breaks from an order and follows them to the letter unless told other wise. Caterina Sforza saced him from being destroyed after the coo and recrustied him into the AX giving him the code name Gunslinger. His aim is perfect and due to his speed and strength is a prefect weapon against the vampires. His weapon of choice is two large pistols, which he uses with blinding speed and skill.

Later he is ordered to partner up with Abel Nightroad a clumsy priest of the order who has a secret he is in fact a crunsnik. The Crusnik nano-machine -technology was found on Mars while humanity attempted to colonize Earth. During the process, the Bacillus was also found. The Bacillus transformed the colonists into vampires known as Methuselah while the Crusnik turned four select test tube babies into something higherin the food chain. Tres is loyal even to Abel who is a vampire,

so much so Tres fights Abel’s brother to try and save the fallen Abel. Tres is no match for Cain but he buys Abel valuable time to heal.

Tres later after AX is dissolved joins Caterina in the Rosenkreuz Orden. Even with no emotions Tres is one of Caterina and Abels closest friends. (

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