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Richard Craemer is the priest stationed for the Suicide Squad at Belle Reve specifically requesting the job. Besides priest he also filled in as counselor until a new one was able to be found. During the course he stayed fairly close with Nightshade until her departure. He also occasionally played a part on the Squad's missions such as going to Africa to rescue a captured Nun. Following the addition of Major Victory to the Squad he led group consoling in an effort to heal the rift in the squad.

Major Story Arcs

Secret Six

Floyd calls Father Craemer for a meeting at a small diner in Gotham. Floyd then confesses to Richard that he is losing control - that he wants to kill everyone, including Craemer. The pair then leave the diner for a walk.

Floyd takes Richard on a tour of Gotham, past Floyd's first home, past the place where he first met Batman. Then when the pair are ambushed by a kid with a gun, Floyd snaps, but Craemer talks Floyd down, explaining that the death of Batman could be the reason for Floyd's deterioration. Floyd believes him, and lets the boy live. Floyd then leaves the father saying if he snaps again, Craemer will read about it in the papers.

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