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In his army years he made a deal with the devil to get out of the battlefield alive and later became a priest. When Ghost Rider was released from out of Hell by the angel Malachi, the hellish forces contacted him in the middle of a mass through a fount of holy water. They demanded he take action, and to make sure he exercised discretion. Adam went downstairs an detonated the bomb under the church thus sacrificing his congregation. Later he traveled to Texas by train, where he knew Ghost Rider would be and the site of what would transpire to be a battle for Earth between angels and demons. Taking a tactical vantage point from the top of a crane observing oil tycoon Earl Gustav's sky scraper, Adam waited for his chance to attack the Ghost Rider. Biding his time, as Ghost Rider made his way to the upper levels of the building to confront the demon Kazann, Adam got his opportunity and he attacked Ghost Rider by shooting directly in to his head with a sniper rifle. The Ghost Rider reacted killing the father, whose mortal skin fell away to reveal a demon. Before falling in Hell, God appeared in front of him and Adam thought in disbelief that he still had a place in Heaven but a trapdoor under him opened and burned down under while Hoss was laughing at him.  


Father Adam is a Marvel comic character. Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain, he first appearing in Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation released in 2005. There are slight parallels between Father Adam and Johnny Blaze, with both men wishing to be genuinely good, but both cutting deals with the devil, which ended up heavily affecting both of their respective lives. 

Powers and Abilities

Former army ranger, Adam is skilled with a sniper rifle. Durable, he was able to temporarily survive a blast of Ghost Rider's hellfire and with degree of healing factor. It is likely that Adam's sniper rifle was enhanced in some way, as he was able to harm the Ghost Rider with it. 

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