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The Fatboys where a group of street children whom all lived in the streets of New York's Hells Kitchen. The kids had  a rough life and acted that way as well. Main member of the group where Eight-Ball (the leader of the group) and Darla (the only girl), but there where many more members. They enjoyed their time with skating in the streets, often meeting trouble while doing that. The kids where starting to become something more then just little rascals, sometimes even stealing things. That was, until the superhero named Daredevil took an interest in the group. At first the members thought of Daredevil to be a know-it-all whom didn't know what life was like in the streets of Hell's Kitchen, but they soon started feeling more sympathetic towards him. This sympathy even became admiration when Daredevil showed the kids what tricks he could do on a skateboard. After this, most of the kids tried to stay out of trouble and even helped Daredevil out from time to time. They haven't been seen recently.

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