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Yrra Cynril is a quasi-human native of warrior planet Xanshi, where she was a member of the ruling family. As the eldest daughter of a royal lineage, she was sent to Okaara to receive training and education by warlords. She took extremely well to this training and discovered that she was naturally gifted in combat. More importantly, while on Okaara, Xanshi was destroyed due to a mistake by John Stewart. Yrra was unaware who Stewart was at time, so she concluded to blame the entire Green Lantern Corps for the destruction of her home world. She furthered her training on Okaara, until she had reached a point beyond what was expected of her. Following this, she adapts the name "Fatality" and sets off on a bloody path of murdering Green Lanterns throughout the universe.


Fatality’s first appearance was in Green Lantern #83 in 1997. She was created by Ron Marz and Darryl Banks.

Character Evolution

Fatality’s character is defined by two key events. The first is the destruction of her homeworld which fueled her hatred of the Green Lantern Corps, and turned her into one of their most deadly adversaries. As a number of new Lantern Corps were formed (during the events leading up to Blackest Night), she was accepted into the Star Sapphire Corps.

This carried with it a degree of redemption as she eventually accepted the loss of Xanshi and forgave John Stewart, while also asking for forgiveness for her actions. As with most members of the Star Sapphire Corps, she is now known for her duties to the concept of love. Thus Fatality has acted as both a villain and hero in reference to the Green Lantern Corps.

Major Story Arcs


After her campaign to rid the universe of Green Lanterns, she eventually discovered that there was only one Green Lantern left in the universe: Kyle Rayner. When she located him, she attempted to ambush him in his civilian life. However, she unaware that his power ring did not have the twenty-four hour time limit before needing to be recharged by a power battery. He was subsequently aided by John Stewart, who revealed that he was the one responsible for the destruction of her planet. However, before she had chance for retribution, she was attacked by an alien creature and was presumed dead when only her arm was found a midst the rubble.

Fatal Attraction

Fatality attacking Jade

She had not died however, and when she returned it was discovered that her arm had been replaced by a weaponized synthetic one. She returned again to Earth and this time hunted Jade, who was a member of the Green Lantern Corps for a short time. After their confrontation, she was once again presumed to be dead.

Biding her time, Fatality awoke one day to discover a yellow power ring on her hand. She did not question this suspicious turn of events and set out to face off against Kyle. She lured him out by endangering civilian lives as a distraction so she could slip away and abduct John Stewart and Merayn. She made John watch her torture Merayn to punish him, but Kyle was able to intervene before she could do worse. She was defeated by Kyle, and asked that he just kill her because she would never stop. Kyle would not, but when he attempted to remove her ring, it detonated. The explosion destroyed her other flesh and blood arm. She was taken in by human authorities and fitted with a cybernetic prosthetic.

John Stewart began visiting her in the Slab, wanting to talk to her about Xanshi. She taunted his attempts at therapy with her and his current confinement to a wheelchair. She had an innate ability to see the weakness and frailties in things. She told John that what she saw when she looked at him was a man in perfect physical health, meaning he had no spinal damage keeping him in that wheelchair and that it was all in his head. She was later released from the Slab thanks to Major Force using his government contacts. He wanted her to kill Kyle Rayner and bring him the ring. After that, she could kill John Stewart and do whatever else she wanted. All he wanted was Kyle's ring. She was outfitted with all the weapons she desired and engaged Kyle in combat, injecting him with a neurotoxin she was certain would cripple his ability to use his ring. Kyle overcame the drug and took her down with a thrown jet.

Sinestro Corps War : Zamaron

Fatality would manage to keep herself out of prison and eventually returned to space. She returned to the Vega System, where she hooked up with other bounty hunters. When Sinestro established the Sinestro Corps, she was recruited and given a Yellow Power Ring. After the events of Sinestro Corps War, Fatality was among the female members of the Sinestro Corps, scattered across the universe, apprehended by the Star Sapphire Corps.

They were brought to Zamaron and oppose to imprisoning them, like the Green Lanterns would have, the Star Sapphires sealed them inside a crystal that attempted to alter her mind by fueling them with the violet light of love. The process was quickly completed and Fatality emerged from her crystal cocoon as a Star Sapphire, with her first thought being to locate John Stewart.

Fatality later located Stewart on Okaara, while the Green Lantern Corps were engaged in a battle with the Orange Lantern Corps. Separating Stewart from the fight with her new found power, she explained to him that she had changed. The Star Sapphire Corps had made her realize how wrong her previous actions had been and they even allowed her to forgive herself for not being there for Xanshi's destruction. Before leaving Stewart, she told him that next time he grieves among Xanshi's remains, he should forgive himself too.

With that business concluded, Fatality returned to Zamaron just in time to defend it against an attack from the Sinestro Corps, who had come to retrieve their captured female members. Even though she was originally one of them, she had already been converted by the Star Sapphire Corps, unlike many of the others. Fatality and the Zamarons were eventually able to fend off the Yellow Lanterns. Yarra continued to fight for love along side the Star Sapphires, and even reconciled her relationship with John Stewart.

New Guardians

When the Star Sapphire from Sector 22 is murdered, Yarra is sent to confiscate her power ring. When she finally located the power ring, she found that it was in sector 2814 on planet Earth. Once there, she discovered that the power ring was in the possession of Kyle Rayner, and that he had possession of other Lanterns Corps power rings. To her surprise she found Saint Walker, Arkillo, Munk and Bleez there as well. After interrogating Kyle, the group headed to Oa and later to Okaara, in search of answers before being forced to confront Invictus. Yrra would continue working with the group for a short while until the events of Wrath of the First Lantern forced them to split, to help protect their fellow corps.

Powers and Abilities


Yarra is a wielder of Star Sapphire Power Ring, which enables her to create light constructs based on her imagination and love. The ring possesses a wide array of primary functions such as: translating alien languages, flight, the ability to breath in space, illusion casting, enhanced strength and durability, etc. Her constructs mainly take on the form of a spear.


For the majority of her appearances, Yarra has relied primarily on her own natural combat instincts. She is knowledgeable in a wide range of weapons and has a large assortment of highly technological items available, which she utilizes with great effectiveness.

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