Fatale #9

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The Good

This series has been consistently good, and this issue is no different. The progression of the story has been gradual, but issue #9 of FATALE brings all the issues front and center and teases us with explanations. At the very start of the issue the reader is told just what happened to Suzy, and it's definitely not anything good. And although we (the readers) might realize what's going on, that doesn't mean that Miles and Josephine do. There are a lot of really big revelations in this issue. Not only do we find out what's happened to Suzy, there is also a lot of character development with Miles. Brubaker definitely picks of the pacing of this story and leaves readers with a lot clues about what to expect next.

Sean Phillips knocks it out of the park once again with the art in this issue, proving that he is a master at delivering really creepy panels when he has to. He uses the change of colors several times in this issue to depict a fluctuation not only in the tone of Brubaker's story, but also in the turn of the events. The pair definitely deliver suspense, giving us clues gradually as they unfold their story, while continuing to create this overlay of mystery. It's really well illustrated and organized, and it's a crucial issue if you have been following the story.

The Bad

Nothing bad here, yet another great issue of FATALE from the Brubaker and Phillips team.

The Verdict

If you have been following this series, then you might feel that this issue is what you have been waiting for. Since the start of this book, Brubaker has left readers in a lot of suspense. He hasn't given us clear-cut definitions or explanations for what the deal is with Josephine (how does she stay so young and who is she really?), what is the mystery behind this cult, who are they and what is their connection to Josephine? This issue opens a lot of doors for readers and gives us clues as to the answers to some of these questions. And although Brubaker is speeding up the storytelling just a bit, he's still moving at a gradual pace, focusing on the details of the story and sucking readers in leaving them wondering. What we get is an issue that is extremely telling and will leave you at the edge of your seat. Like I mentioned above, Phillips illustrates a beautiful story utilizing different colors for different panels to reflect the change in Brubaker's tone. Overall, another fantastic issue of FATALE, but not at all a good jumping on point. If you are interested, I definitely recommend starting from the beginning. It's worth it.

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