dark_noldor's Fatale #11 - The Case of Alfred Ravenscroft review

You will know me by the trail of the dead

Occultists and criminals often walk side by side, luring poor lost souls to the dark path, driving them crazy, stealing all that was ever good, kind and sane, leaving nothing but an empty and old husk. No matter if you don't follow this strange force, it appears that, once in contact with it, it will never let you go, even if you never look back or run as far as the sun can reach. The concept of the forbidden arts, the occult and dark overlords in which some people gaze and pledge their lives to is a constant reminder in this noir and mystic fantastic series by Ed Brubaker. This element combined with all the mystery and personal drama that spin around Josephine, make this series one of the best being published in the market. Even when Brubaker deviates a little from the pattern of 3 to 5 issues arc story, he delivers an awesome self contained one story issue that gravitates on Josephine and her quest to figure out her true nature, why she brings all men around her to their doom. It's not just the characters (Josephine) and the plot itself (like a Lovecraft story) that shine here, but mostly because of the refined style of Mr. Brubaker, who, with his intelligent and bright narrative, chooses words wisely and, never wasting a single panel, builds up great dialogues, important lines and a very thrilling pace. Sean Phillips' art is always good, but in this particularly issue it felt a little rush, but Dave Stewart's colors saved the day (as always). Josephine's quest and her struggle against the mysterious evil force that is constantly chasing her continues to be an amazing and entertaining story, leaving quite a body count in the way.


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